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Top 5 Biotech Stocks on Reddit October Edition

Biotech is one of the most expensive industries in the world, and prospectively it will keep advancing as the world knows new age of technology. This industry is also where investors look out for on Reddit, so were going to be looking at the top 5 biotech stocks on Reddit.


This Massachusetts based biotech firm that develops immuno-oncology therapeutics ranks number 5 on our the list. Agenus saw a rise in their stocks by 22% on May 18 after they announced an exclusive partnership with drug making company, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (their worth is projected to be more than 1.5 billion dollars). In July Agenus received $200 millions from their partners for bispecific antibody development, which made their stock rise by 50% over the past months.


This company is also based in Massachusetts in the 4th on the top stocks on Reddit. The Clinical stage biopharma company specializes in all sort of drugs to treat different genetic disorder( sickle cell anemia etc). The stock rose by 125% in July after the positive result of the sickle cell disease therapy, as they began treating sickle cell patients by August.

The company market cap is $711 million and in the second quarter of the year their revenue, was %4.38 million beating their $2.46 million estimate.


On the number 3 is the New York based biotech firm is one of the biggest stocks in Reddit. They develop a treatment for central nervous system disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

They have a market cap of $799 million and cashed out $141.2 million at the end of the second quarter of the year after their EPS of -$0.86, beat their estimates $0.02. they have become very popular on Reddit since the success and investors have been putting their cash in them. Their Hedge funds in worth 354 million.


The second on the list is the North Carolina based company, and they are very popular on Reddit.. on August 6. H.C. Wainwrught analyst Andrew Fein maintained a buy rating on BioCryst and they increased price target $30 per share from $18, citing Orladeyo potential (oral ingestion medication that prevents heart attacks of hereditary angioedema in patients aged 12.

Their market cap is $2.7 billion and they garnered a revenue of 50 million dollars at the end of the second quarter, and the stock has increased over 104% till date.


Topping the list of the top 5 biotech stock on Reddit is the company that developed Vascepa, an Omega-3 fatty acid medication that reduces fat levels in Adults patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia.

The company has a market cap of $2.1 billion, an it is up more than 23% in their shares in the second quarter of the year, with their revenue hitting $154.5 million dollars beating their estimate of 1.80 million dollars.

The above are the top 5 biotech company that investors watch out for.


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