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Jazz Pharmaceuticals Launches Educational Site for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Understanding there’s nothing small about a small cell lung cancer diagnosis, Jazz Pharmaceuticals is collaborating with four major lung cancer associations on a new education initiative for the less-recognized lung cancer.

“Nothing Small About It” aspires to be the go-to online resource for diagnosed patients and their families, who usually encounter issues to parse through information built around the more popularly diagnosed non-small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer constitutes about 13% of U.S. lung cancer diagnoses every year.

The unbranded collaboration, with CancerCare, Lung Cancer Foundation of America, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, and LUNGevity Foundation launches a year after Jazz started its small lung cancer treatment, Zepzeica. The first new small cell lung cancer therapy in over 20 years, Zepzeica scored FDA-accelerated approval in June 2020 and debuted the next month.

Going through all lung cancer information “is complicated, so we want to make something that was simple and easy for the small cell lung cancer patient, outside of the general sphere of lung cancer, educational material,” Abizer Gaslightwala, vice president, head of U.S. hematology and oncology at Jazz Pharmaceuticals, noted.

One of the lessons Jazz learned in research for the project is that when small lung cell cancer patients were first diagnosed, approximately 50% spent less than 10 minutes discussing with their HCP about what it meant.

“The Nothing Small About It” website addresses this directly with the video “More Than 10 Minutes,” featuring patients and caregivers talking about how they navigate through an SCLC diagnosis. The primary message? Patients need to empower themselves in their therapy. Cancer activist and sportscaster Lewis Johnson then anchors the viewer on an interactive path for either “caregiver” or “patient” providing assistance according to the choice.

In addition to collaborating with the four lung cancer charities to promote the website, Jazz will work with HCPs leaving them to tear sheets of information related to “Nothing Small About It” to pass on to patients who require it. Of course, the company aims to maintain interaction with the community to keep improving and developing the site.

“As we learn more about what is working and areas for improvement and more things we can do we want to evolve this – this is not the beginning and end, this is the beginning.” Gaslightwala stated.