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Genentech Buys Vaccibody's Investigational Drug for $200 Million

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Norwegian Biotech Company Vaccibody has signed an exclusive worldwide license and collaboration deal worth $200 million with Roche’s Genentech to develop and commercialize DNA-based individualized neoantigen cancer vaccines.

Vaccibody has been working on a targeted DNA-based vaccine platform, with the aim of finding a potential new treatment paradigm for individualized cancer vaccines. Under the deal, Vaccibody will undertake the development of the vaccines through the end of Phase 1b, and Genentech will be in charge of the development and commercialization for their investigational drug.

Vaccibody will be paid initial upfront and near-term payments of $200m. The company will also receive $515m in potential payments and milestones, including low double-digit tiered royalties on commercialized products' sales resulting from the deal.

Genentech will fund the clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, and commercialization activities for the vaccines at the end of the Phase 1b study. Additionally, the company will also bear all costs for trials, filings, and marketing.

Vaccibody CEO Michael Engsig said: "Genentech is widely recognized as one of the foremost leaders in leveraging the immune system to develop therapies for cancer and is a scientific pioneer within the neoantigen cancer vaccine space. They are, therefore, the partner of choice for the further development and commercialization of our innovative next-generation cancer vaccine platform for generating individualized therapies."

The agreement will bring together Vaccibody’s targeted DNA-based vaccine platform and Genentech’s global cancer immunotherapy research, development, and commercial expertise.