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Starting a Biotech Career in Sunny San Diego?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Deciding to begin a career in the biotech industry? Why you should consider moving into a market that hasn't reach its full potential yet, an industry fill with opportunities.

The market is untapped:

Two-thirds of ocean life remains undiscovered by scientists. Think of biotech as this ocean for entrepreneurs. From industrial biotech to healthy aging to the ocean, as mentioned earlier, there are plenty of areas where biotech's potentials and science jobs are still untapped.

“From genetically engineering human insulin in bacteria, to now curing rare diseases like Small Muscular Dystrophy, our industry is just starting to make a huge impact in the lives of patients.”

You Don't Really Need a Life Science Degree

While it may seem like you need an advanced science degree to get into a biotech job, the truth is that you actually can get in without one. Biotechnology needs innovators and business experts as much as it needs scientists.

Highly Lucrative

To break into biotech, you may not even need to switch industries. There are plenty of career opportunities in logistics, sales, and product development. The periphery of biotech is the perfect place to apply any existing expertise you have garnered over the years.

Is a career in Biotechnology right for you?

Deciding to pursue a career or job in biotechnology is something you need to think carefully before doing. Despite it being a billion-dollar industry, a career in biotech isn't without its disadvantages. Aside from being highly competitive, you also have to work patiently for hours in the lab to get the desired results. And yes, you may get a negative result too. As such, it's always worthwhile to connect the dots and cross your Ts, before leaping into the biotech industry.

If you're wondering if a career in biotechnology is right for you, here are some critical questions that you can ask yourself:

Are you outgoing and enthusiastic?

To survive as a biotech scientist, you must never be afraid to voice your opinion irrespective of whose ox is gored. You also have to be enthusiastic to keep the morale of a team upbeat every time.

Are you a team-player?

You will occasionally have to work in teams to research, produce, and market a product. If you're the type that doesn't get along with others or makes it difficult for the rest of the team to do their jobs, biotech isn't for you.

Can you perform under pressure?

Working in the biotech industry comes with a lot of pressure, especially in situations where you are part of a team of R&D scientists for a product with projected revenue in the millions. Pressure can also come from tight deadlines or inflexible research plans.

If you said yes to all these questions, a career in biotechnology might be worthwhile.